Endorsed by
Rev. Curtis T. Walker, Former Akron Public Schools Board Member
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I wholeheartedly endorse Gwen Bryant as a candidate for the Akron Public Schools Board. Her outstanding educational contributions. As an educational leader, she has consistently demonstrated exceptional qualities that will make her an invaluable asset to the Akron Public Schools Board.
Gwen has a remarkable ability to inspire and motivate students, educators, and school leaders. She understands the importance of fostering a passion for learning and has a unique talent for making complex concepts accessible and engaging.
What sets Ms. Bryant apart is her unwavering commitment to educational equity. She tirelessly advocates for equal opportunities for all students, regardless of their background or circumstances. Her efforts to bridge the achievement gap and promote inclusivity have been instrumental in creating a more diverse and welcoming educational community.
In addition to her dedication to students, Gwen is a visionary leader who embraces innovation and change. She keenly understands the evolving landscape of education and its systems and constantly seeks new ways to improve teaching and learning. Her ability to adapt and innovate has led to significant advancements in the school districts she advises and supports. As her former pastor, I witnessed her leadership, analytical, and critical thinking skills as she ushered our church through strategic planning to develop and execute effective strategies that can drive an organization's success.
Moreover, Gwen is a collaborative leader who builds strong relationships. She creates an atmosphere of trust and open communication, essential for a thriving educational community.
In conclusion, Gwen is an exemplary educational leader whose dedication, innovation, and commitment to equity make her a standout educational leader. She will continue to inspire and lead with excellence for the Akron Public Schools.
Rev. Curtis T. Walker, Former Akron Public Schools Board Member


Written Testimonials

Gwen is an inspirational and dynamic mentor and, all in all, an exemplar of educational leadership. Since meeting her in 2012, I have enjoyed watching her serve schools, systems leaders, and entire districts in their pursuit of excellence for all the children they serve.
I look forward to seeing Gwen's reach expand to the board level, and I am confident that she will continue to inspire all who meet her along their path, just as I did many years ago.
She remains a mentor whom I can reach out to at any time for anything, and I am confident she will provide the same relationship and guidance to those whom she serves alongside.
Dr. Courtney Wilkerson - Principal, District of Colombia Schools
I would like to begin by saying thank you, Mrs. Bryant. I'm not sure you realize just how instrumental you were during my formative years. You are the first educator that I can remember and the one I will never forget. You not only taught me how to read and write, but also how be creative and how to believe in myself. You never put me or any other student in a “box”, so to speak. You guided us find the paths we needed to be on in order to be successful in life. You empowered me with knowledge, confidence, and life skills that I have carried with me throughout my life. And for all of that, I am eternally grateful to you.

You, most assuredly, found your calling in life. Your passion for life and education is beyond measure. I am certain that anyone who has ever been lucky enough to be in your presence feels the same. I am blessed to have been your student and to still be in contact with you after 38 years. You are truly a treasure. I look forward to hearing about what you are set to do next. 

Jesi L. Hopkins, Former Student
Gwen is currently a candidate for the Akron Public Schools School Board. Gwen is most qualified for this position, and she would be a tremendous asset to the Board. Gwen has distinguished herself in the field of education. Her career spans 30 years of dedication, diligence, and excellence. She is extremely familiar with the APS system having been a teacher, school improvement coach, and literacy coach during her career. She is a transformative leader who now consults school districts throughout the country, training and facilitating methods to improve instruction.
I had the privilege of working with Gwen at Simon Perkins Middle School in Akron where I taught for 38 years. Gwen helped our teaching staff to learn innovative methods to improve instruction and learning. Gwen organized workshops and meetings for teachers to work together as a team to improve test scores – and we did! Her knowledge and personalized interest in the teaching staff and students gave us a unified goal: to improve learning and thus, improve test scores. I truly hope Gwen will be able to continue sharing her expertise with APS as a member of its School Board. Again, she would be a tremendous asset.                      

Mary Pullekins – Retired Educator,  Akron Public Schools

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