Dear Friends and Family,

I am seeking your support! I decided to become a candidate for the Akron Public Schools
(APS) board because every student deserves the opportunity to gain an education with
distinction. Having focused leadership is the first step in APS becoming an exceptional school
district. As a persistent transformative leader, I am committed to using my skills and knowledge
as an educator and consultant in school leadership and improving systems to resolve core
issues to ensure that every student is encouraged and supported to learn.

Over thirty years ago, I was granted the opportunity to begin my life's calling as an Akron Public
Schools educator. I can still recall the excitement of my first day of school and the anticipation
of impacting the lives of the children in Akron. From an early age, I knew my calling was to become an educator. It is a profession like no other that gives one the satisfaction that you know you can make a difference in the lives of children. Throughout my career, I have immersed myself in the profession to become a highly effective educator. As an educator, I
have served in various roles: Teacher grades K-5, District-Level School Improvement Coach, Literacy Instructional Coach and Part-time Professor at the University of Akron, and Adjunct Professor at Ashland University. For the past thirteen years,
I have worked as a national consultant, trainer, facilitator, and instructional/leadership coach supporting principals, leadership teams, instructional coaches, and teachers of grades K-12. As a result of my work, I have helped hundreds of schools across the US develop school leadership and systems to resolve core issues that hold schools back by achieving
measurable and long-term outcomes for students by focusing on rigorous classroom instruction and safe classroom conditions.

Over the years, you have supported me with your wisdom, laughter, talents, and friendship. Once again, I request your
support to raise funds to secure a position on the Akron Public Schools Board of Education.

My campaign is about
becoming a mechanism that will work diligently to resolve the core issues facing the schools within APS.

I am facing a deadline of less than 60 days before Ohio's November 7th election day. Your contribution, large or small, will
help me run a successful campaign to spread my message and win a board position.
Thank you in advance for chipping in to support my


Gwen Bryant

Donate immediately by check to benefit my campaign. Please make your check to The Friends of Gwen Bryant.
$250 - $650 _____ $100 _____ $75 _____$50 _____$25 _____ Other Amount _____

Use the enclosed envelope or mail to: The Friends of Gwen Bryant, 692 N. Hawkins, Akron Ohio 44313. Along with your
check. Please provide the following information: Your Full Name and email.
Paid for by the Friends of Gwen Bryant
Pamela Valentine, Treasurer

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